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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Transcendence - How to

The most sincere wish I have, by experience and confirmation. Is to give you the following most important tip for to reach inner alignment.

Within our body, around the stomach area, just below the ribcage we have a source which will let us know what is right or what is wrong, better explained...
Let us know what feels right, or what feels wrong.
When you feel it contracts towards a heavy feeling, like you have a brick in your stomach... Then you must take e mediate action. You have on that moment an situation where you doubt about something like:

*I want to tell a friend, family or colleague how I feel about him or her, but... ''I do not want to hurt him''
*I want to provide myself something I wish for, but I do not want to come over as selfish, demanding, greedy or be inconsiderate towards your environment, wanting something they might not be able to have or get
*I want to mention how good I feel about myself or an achievement I reached, but I do not want to make my environment insecure about themselves because they are not equipped with the tools which got me to this point..
*I want to be on my own for a minute, or period. But I do not want my environment to stay behind, feel lonely, or feel I abandoned him, her or them.
*I want to express my laughter, my joy my way's to the world about something I am cheerful about. But you think it could hurt, shame, discomfort or disillusion your environment by this outburst of expression your happiness.
*I want to take a next step up ahead in a new direction you feel is fitting your character or personality more than your current direction. But you think it might lead to loss, breakup or disconnection from your current environment and that creates a sense of fear for heading there alone.
Etc, Etc.

My point is:
Fearing your actions consequences is what your ''stomach'' vibrates on to the extend, it feels like having that brick in your stomach I mentioned before.


''When you get that hint from deep inside, take the opposite action on what you think you shouldn't do out of consideration towards your environment. remain humble, remain thoughtful, but act and do it!''


''You feel that the brick feels lighter, after every decision you make in this matter until you realize the contracting feeling is not part of your decision process anymore. When it does come to that feeling, you realize you have a new situation that needs to be evaluated and requests your direct follow up''

''This is really the one truthful sincere blessing you can provide yourself in life, through the spirit, for the spirit, and by the spirit.. Name: GOD, and Jesus is the true example and carrier of this wisdom, and the follow up. Acknowledge this and you will be a true faithful believer. no strings attached. I wish you what I wished for myself, I realized it, I follow up on it, and now I want to teach or share this beautiful fact to others. Everybody is a child of GOD, yes, YOU TOO!''