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Monday, August 15, 2011

Fear & Love do NOT go together

The difference between the mind & heart is: your mind tells you whats the smart thing to do & your heart tells you what you’re gonna do anyway MM
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    This is good material!

    We learn by hard (Heart)
    The mind tell us what is Smart, but can only from experience (Heart)
    Hmm, follow the Heart, then you will be Smart.

    Love (Heart) It is all about Love@Smart ;-) !

    Isn't it true.....

    Fear blocks our Heart
    Fear blocks Experience
    Fear blocks become Smart

    I still do not understand why the Bible states....
    Fear GOD
    Loving Him and his Glory sounds most logical, without any Fear

    Often I hear the strong expression by Christians, through the Church
    Fear God....

    Is that to make sure people stay low profile, under the spell of religion and Church?
    What is Wise now a day's, to do the Smart thing?

    Jesus was not afraid to Die....Not afraid for bringing Love, to really stand up for pure alignment within and the universe
    (Trancendence, Maslov) He said be like me, and follow me...

    I am always curious what is really going on here...
    And that is why I am very careful with people who Fear something,
    Especially those who Fear Glory

    Is this correctly calculated do you see the formula..?

    From internet:
    (My way of thinking, and highly possible THE way of thinking)
    ''The Declaration of Independence states that the Creator gave man the right to liberty. It seems man can realize that liberty only if he does not forget the One who endowed him with it''

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Bible - The book of the Blind?

The Bible brings awareness and is the source for knowledge, understanding, ideals, norms, values.

Materialism is the ''now a day'' source, intentionally to follow up on the learning, the fundamental resources to bring it in to practice.

Materialism gives the power to bring ''fish and bread'' on the table.
And share it.

In this decade we can bring it in a different light, but with the same intention and value.

Materialism can uplift community's, create wealth, create employment, environmental growth, ecological balance and sustainable resourcing for health and health care.

The problem is the ''camouflage'' of negativity, created through abusive behavior by the greedy sick minds of our society.

Once that little virus is treated, the present resources shared as Jesus did through ''good practice'' we will be not ''too'' busy opening the Bible.

The one most important teaching is the ONE main lesson, we intent to be blind for, because of FEAR.

If we all would give our life on the CROSS, not afraid to stand for the good and right values of life, the Bible would really be respected and worshiped. For now it is still the ''book for the blind''

Action (Open eye's, see the Light)

I personally would not even think twice about giving my life for bringing the awareness towards the antidote which kills the virus of fear.

The antidote is an ''ancient cure'' by the way.........

It is called: LOVE

* Jorn Boor - 11-08-2011 *