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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Poem by Jorn Boor '' Democracy's Freedom ''

The essence of democracy, introduced throughout the constitution, our population is free to be!
Constructed through these save and sound environments, are these constructions what they claim to be?

Free mindset, freedom of speech often seem to have been breached
We tend to forget the the medal's other side, which is kept carefully out of reach.

The organized society seems to sponsor some of most alarming things
No awareness through our instincts, we're paralyzed by the words from a political sided wing

Responsibility s we do not control, it is not a choice of ourselves anymore
Empowering enrichment is intended towards our leaders, now that's for sure!

When our freedom is breached, revolution is the best result in the end.
Impossible to return to healthy levels, yet again the obvious we have to reinvent.

When nature balances our lovely ass, we are stunned, shocked, frozen and confused so instantly.
While good, proper constructive leadership, should balance and correct the issues eventually.

So yeah, I believe that an political individual must take responsibility for what feels good inside,
With a basic approach, he is allowed to affect the environment, yet only through positive insights

We are pressured, as disrespected by higher forces, all along they indulge their play
Words at forehand mean nothing, we see there promotion with shortsighted views, and vote our country's into decay.

Consider yourself in a role, where your environment shapes you into this product..
I am not talking about the individual in the streets, it is the frighting chosen for, who'll get corrupt.

The higher they climb, the harder they fall.
To avoid you are dragged along, you will have to stand tall..

What are your truthful meanings worth, if the truth raises a public discussion with painful delays
Your political agenda doubted through publicity stunts, opponents fight hard as you get in their way.

Nobody is spared, when money and power plays it's solid part.
Your soul must be sold, to save your political heart..

Rules and regulations, for the public will get there to feel save
Control points, fines, safety measurements cost money, we must collect funds through public misbehave

All those installments and efforts will put democracy into it's grave.
We must admit honestly it's clearly defined, history repeats itself, yet again we will live to be a slave....

Jorn Boor 26-10-11
Johannesburg, SA

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Poem by Jorn Boor '' Friendship to Life ''

Poem by Jorn Boor '' Friendship to Life ''
My friend you leave our friendship, which is only 3 years old
No regrets , South - Africa‘s magic and through you I've unfold.

These years towards recovery, to glue the tears you cried before.
Peaceful inner self accomplishments... you achieved here so much more

Phases passing through relaxation, it walked you further from your past
You grown a healthy life, you created a future to last!

Where the wind blows, faith brought you down to earth to fit.
These lessons learned from you.. Grateful for I was worth it!

A while ago you've changed; I didn’t realize it back then.
Your heart in shadows, I knew you'd go but the question was when?

Once I moved out on you, left home and my guardian behind.
To search the answers to the questions, you had brought onto my mind.

Later, when I needed you most, you opened the door, you were so kind.
One day I'd like to surprise you heartily, because the answers I did find!

Immediate follow up to the wisdom you brought on me was hard, you see...
The wind brought me elsewhere which is the reason, I acted so free.

My destiny in progress, determine to conquer the obstacles in my way.
No fear to fight the boundaries I was challenging life, myself each and every single day.

The beauty by my loved ones, the love, the soil I walk so free.
In silence I do cry, I value those friends who did not agree on me.

I also got lost in the forest of doubt, which can be cruel and dark as hell
The light of guardians gave the direction in me, to ensure my save farewell.

I stepped further towards the light, it guided my Heart into were I go.
I have grown through your waves of friendship it is the wind on which I flow.

Deeply and humbly I address to you, the important part you played in my life.
Your presence and determination complimented my future through an ongoing hive.

We had our fights, discussions, disagreements but I only hear our laughs so loud
I will always carry you in my heart, to have known you makes me really proud
Annoying you, I did it so well, I will certainly never change
Comparing our characters, after all it really isn’t so strange.

I have found similarities with my Father and you, so often and clear.
It is not easy a true and solid objection, not always I wanted it to hear.

I treasure safety and comfort, but my stubbornness obstructs me that's a well known fact.
Anyway my ass will learn solely, the vibrations of my soul will guide me there to act.

Thank you for meeting up with you, gracefully we pulled this friendship through.
I wish you farewell, my gratitude for you will always be true!

'' My friend. You have inspired me, you have helped me were others probably wouldn’t. I know my personality is difficult to handle sometimes. But you saw me through, as only a true friend can, and that in itself, is quality I am grateful for. We were friends. Time and circumstance has strained our friendship but you were clearly important my inspiring supportive friend ''

Poem by Jorn Boor, '' 2012 - Disposables ''

Poem by Jorn Boor, '' 2012 - Disposables ''

Dear beloved Civilian, Partner, Colleague, Friend, I write to those who're still around.
A moment of silence, your mind at rest, please hear my peaceful sound..

If I present a real solution; which might prepare you for a new begin?
If I wish to prevent disaster? I'm begging please.... do not loose the fight we owe to win!

Individualize your responses, miner actions are asked of you,
Human survival, for ages we ruled, but did we lost insight to what's really cool?

Break an egg, the omelet brings a blessing to you, and one of a kind.
Remove all ‘’Disposables’’ recreate step by step your state of mind.

100% assured of accomplishment, but only your own way will get you in line.
Please acknowledge, accept this poem’s true worth, so your spirit will be fine!

Place your emotions next to these concepts, and link your self to one of each kind
Bless yourself with one gift each day, self realization is what you find...

Dissemblers to Happiness
Assumptions - Rules - Expectations - Insecurity's - Doubts - Rejoices
Self Punishments Comforts - Defenses - Misconceptions - Hopes - Disrespects
Believes Circles - Routines - Pains - Medicines - Habits - Wishes - Demands - Disregards
Mistresses - Laziness - Stubbornness - Sadness - Traumas - Secrets - Discomforts
Shallowness - Hollowness - Pressures - Annoyances - Misinterpretations - Revenges
Insecurities - Regrets - Sorrows Denials - Prejudices - Shames - Offenses - Grudges - Dishonesty
Self-misconceptions - Dis-Integrability - Irresponsibility - Blames - Negativity - Self-deceit - Self pity
Competes - Disturbances - Irreconcilability - Self Dis-Reflections - Dissoluteness - Ungratefulness
''Disposables are created by you.. don't search for true happiness, because that is you!''

Poem by Jorn Boor '' IT- Colleague Leaving ''

IT colleague leavin.
Dear Ronald , we will certainly miss you a lot hey
You must enjoy the trip, be happy along the way!

The service desk will miss your well known speeches.
''Do you still don't know how it works with the network security breaches ''!!

Heaven for bit, yeah but Ronald ,I never got experienced about it?
Just think logical!, so you don't have to bother me with it!!

Your face told us, we must be the most stupid human beings, on planet earth.
While the rest of you wanted to teach us your big worth!

For 4 years you put in effort and stability, showing the right example.
Your legacy will be heard through Avaya like a well known music sample.;-)

The moment you left, the desk grew up to be self-responsible so much more.
Though you carried the responsibility, you were the main core.

With you leaving, the rest will stand up and practice what you preached.
Your logic is amazing; especially for how many people you have reached.

Nobody can ever replace your work ethics, your intelligence and lack of fears!
Anyway, we will do our best, for the next upcoming years!

I am sick and probably need to cough while speaking out this rime.
But remember, for being a friend through heart this is never lost time!

Jorn Boor
'' For my good friend Ronald Abbring, I never forget! ''

Poem by Jorn Boor ''Arrogance explained''

Arrogance is explaining, what?
These two mentioned fast but aligned; the other one is born with that!

They did not like each other at first,
But alcohol ‘’as usual’’ took care of a different kind of thirst.

Like the historical examples mostly shown at schools,
Teasing them first, secretly in love both acting like hopeless fools.

The tension, warm passion, finally turned up the heat
Soon there were weakly in love, ah isn’t that sweet.

The calm, relaxed and reserved male peace of mind.
Appeared to be tough and strong, never left his Barbie doll behind.

Decisions were made, able to perform some personal growth,
Jack Daniels or this walking man in her life… Of course she just picked both.

Building personal future, priority and main focus on their career,
They took the bull by the horns, together showing no fear.

Quality and Team players combined, as they stacked together.
The known obstacles in life.. surely didn’t matter.

Honesty and freedom, given to the one beside,
Making a solid base, ready to go down for the ride

As clear as it was for the close environment,
Next level might even be possible, so it finally went.

Two little reasons, unexpected two copies alike and pure
Conclude their Love internally; the proof is alive and kicking for sure.

New responsibilities, a sudden new purpose in live.
Love stories are true? Than they will stand strong, in the future, being husband and wife.

Already both blessed with proper mindset and inner core,
They now truly found gold by the rainbow, they need nothing more.

A new born family through nice examples, everyone can see.
Disbelievers, who feel lonely, keep it up and watch, for your love even to be.

Both in ICT, it wasn’t a waste.
Shall they name the lovely twins, as.. Copy and Paste?

'' To my good Friends Hanna & Geert, and their beautiful twins, out of sight but not forgotten by heart ''

Poem by Jorn Boor '' Decide to choose''

Decide to choose
The biblical page holds our learning, for the lessons of today.
Are you missing interpretative, when it’s convenient through your chosen way?

The beginning facts of live, our GOD given right of choice.
We miss conduct and disrespect, the reason behind GOD‘s resounding voice.

Choice after choice, never ending process you fake up to make up
Don’t look up to seek forgiveness, as your neglected responsibilities are adding up?

Intelligence, sincerity, believes in only one truth, the world constrained ideal.
Miss use is prohibited, as it will fire back on you for real.

Creation of your fictive limitations, a choice you‘ll regret at later hand
Christianity is life, no margin on different views you tried out to understand.

So stop the process of insanity, apply the simple rules and act.
Follow the rules of the Game, for your happiness to become a fact.

Interpretation remains the need to stay open to criticism and dialog.
Result must be the closest to the truth of ancient scriptures log.

Interpret ate historical story’s, merge it in the experience of today.
Clarity is the result, which constructs a choice in the best of possible way.

Listen to the voice vibrating inside you, as for it is real.
Hear and understand vibration inside that enables your spirit to feel & heal.

The temple, the shell GOD provides with birth, the tool the mind will own.
In alignment, peaceful with respect, in sophistication it can be fully grown.

Remember the most important part of knowledge, which conduct truth to the meaning of life
Every little step, thought and action linked to the gift of GOD


Author: Jorn Jakob Albert Boor
Place: South-Africa
Date: 21-03-2011

Menzi Mthethwa, appreciation to his work which benefits so many

Goodnight my well in-sighted friend!

Push through on your beautiful talent!

GOD (The Universe) knows how you inspire others, so they will be driven to let their talents unfold.
Anybody must give form to their own individual insights. That is a fact..

A true focus is everybody's key to sculpture life's empty rooms!

Inspiration brought upon, through your work.. is the graduation which cultivates our dead into acceptance. and peace.

The medallion will be worn in afterlife only #JB

Saturday, October 22, 2011

George Carlin - Religion is bullshit.

George Carlin - Religion is bullshit.

Poem by Jorn Boor ''Love, the avenue of life''

Love, the avenue of life
When we first met I flashed upon your light, I felt so rare..
I feel your existence, It really doesn't matter if you near, neither far

This friendship in love combination, it allows my spirit to breathe so free
You are an Angel in excess of beauty, on only for me to see!

Triggered by this frequency, Your melody sweeps me off my feet.
Charged through this new excitement, I suggested on us to meet.

Exciting dreams haunt me, I don't know what to expect.
Our Love burns through existence, picturing it's inflammable effect.

Alignment makes us grow, it comes with so much more and more..
Values one chance of a lifetime, the moment of truth we've been living for.

Mirrors in front absorb wisdom, for how fundamental Love is build
Responsibility, respectful in approach , so our dreams can be fulfilled

My Girl, this Love is refined through your spirit, lifted by your muse
One colour I will not carry, blue I have no intention to play the blues.

I believe, I cherish, I'd like to construct a life's journey with you.
Hard experiences made me strong, my Love for you is refreshing brand new!

Empty pages in our life book chapters , transparency in a unwritten word
Right here, right now..heaven filled with firework, our message must be heard

O my lady with our laughs and pleasures, strengthened by the moon and evening breeze
Blessed I smile to you! For your burning candle enlightens my inner peace.

Heading unknown, I want to go with you,, will you say yes on my request?
Each day new happiness for health, so our love remains ! Leading either east or west

You are insane a bit crazy I am sure… we will play the game of truth
Both we might wander at times, through a cold and scary neighborhood.

Alone I dare to, accompanied by your delight I will follow through
Your so strong! My treasure!, I have no doubt, there's just no soul compared to you!

I will always fight for us, as for this is pure and real.
I feel like a kid at school, proud and determine.. our love on to reveal

Love in eternity, the grounded reason I'll follow up on you
Silent moments, to hear or listen, while we make Love the whole night through

My sweet treasure, I present myself, as for I am really true
My heart you hold, just trust upon my soul, we'll walk life’s avenue
Jorn Boor , Johannesburg SA
''This Love is yet part of an unwritten book, unspoken words divine this eternal collection gathered from the experiences through still unknown memories’’

Friday, October 14, 2011

Quote - Martin Luther King

A man who won't die for something is not fit to live.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Albert Einstein, ;-) Human stupidity!~

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity and I'm not sure about the former.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Poetry - 2012 Deeper Consciousness Survival

Dear beloved civilian, partner, colleague, friend those who are still around.
A moment of silence, mind at rest, please hear my peaceful sound.

I present you a solution; prepare the world for a new begin
Request to prevent disaster and loose the fight we owe to win.
Individual response, a miner action is asked of you,
Humans survive because we rule, for we don’t like to be a fool.

Break an egg, the omelet presents a blessing, a reminder and one of a kind!
Remove one of each applicable ‘’dissemblers’’ and recreate peace fully your state of mind.

I am 100% sure of confirmation, the structural truth will get us in line.
If you reach to understand this poem’s true worth. You will all be fine!

Assumption - Rule - Expectation - Fear - Insecurity - Doubt - Punishment - Comfort zone - Disagreement - Defense trigger - Misconception - Hope - Believe - Focus - Drive - Routine - Ownership - Pain - Medicine - Habit - Wish - Property - Demand - Mistress - Laziness - Stubbornness - Sadness - Trauma - Secret - Discomfort - Shallowness - Hollowness - Target - Pressure - Annoyance - Toughness - Misinterpretation

''One constant flow of inner vibrations, reflect to absorb, challenging you with out-there universal streams of musical components, flooding you from birth. While you block yourself you drown. Once you focus on ''self realization'' you will open up. You will live to be consent, peaceful, confident and mentally grounded. Happiness lies there where you choose to be responsible for it..

Jorn Jakob Albert Boor
Johannesburg, SA

Poem by Jorn Boor '' In the eye of the beholder ''

Poem by Jorn Boor '' In the eye of the beholder ''

The path of life I will walk, slowly I will grow old
Along this road I stumble, throughout the years in which I unfold

Insecurity's hold me, only strong tough.. in my past before
Skill & faith... I use my tool set, to build my fundamental inner core

Passing phases of moving progression, through my moments of thought
Life's happiness I treasure in full, it's the ingredient for which I fought

I mature through life element's, painful encounters bring hard challenges for sure
My mind is set on self realization, which is destined to hold ones cure.

I like to run, I love to play, fight through all of my dislikes.
As long as I am still aging, I stay determinate to gain insights

Triggers, traps, challenges.. I won't give in, I will not be afraid.
Life's disadvantages I need to handle, so in the end I can set them straight

I let my inner soul control my destiny, I focus, I pay attention
I'll grow responsible, I create happiness within this true intention.

Birth intended I feel blessed to live, I must shine each single day
I hold in mind to respect my life, I choose to live it in my own way.

I stand up for all of my choices, of which I am allowed to make.
Otherwise I am not able to die in peace, I can't allow that my soul is fake.

Frustration towards Human Race, I feel the truth is loosing ground
One day I trigger the alarm, to your convenience I will let it sound

I'll be my own friend, the bond I create within will set me free
Maybe it doesn't mean to you that much for now, but in the end you'll agree

Hiding is the key for failure, in the end I will regret
I enjoy thunder, the lightings and rain, cleansed air is the result which I expect.

Faith is creating a gift we handout ourselves, it leads us towards alignment
My environment is a product of me, accomplished... so i can die in contentment. 

Jorn Boor, Johannesburg SA 
Date: 26-10-11

Message to a friend..

It is so nice and great full for me, to be allowed, as blessed! For I have become one of the most inspired people in this world, through this world, by it's people....

As an individual we need to realize that we all can, because of pure energy, positively charged, yet the game of life is,  it creates a negatively visual blanket, which challenges us to decipher it with willpower, then get charged through the positive energy we absorb with faith only....

Can you imagine what global realization would do to positive energy levels.. Slowly but surely I know it will, because I just know. You are writing manuals with words, as you are able to, because you can translate - non verbal communication - into - Verbal communication.

That is how people will be able to do the opposite, use the - verbal communication - into - non verbal communication.