Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Poem by Jorn Boor '' Democracy's Freedom ''

The essence of democracy, introduced throughout the constitution, our population is free to be!
Constructed through these save and sound environments, are these constructions what they claim to be?

Free mindset, freedom of speech often seem to have been breached
We tend to forget the the medal's other side, which is kept carefully out of reach.

The organized society seems to sponsor some of most alarming things
No awareness through our instincts, we're paralyzed by the words from a political sided wing

Responsibility s we do not control, it is not a choice of ourselves anymore
Empowering enrichment is intended towards our leaders, now that's for sure!

When our freedom is breached, revolution is the best result in the end.
Impossible to return to healthy levels, yet again the obvious we have to reinvent.

When nature balances our lovely ass, we are stunned, shocked, frozen and confused so instantly.
While good, proper constructive leadership, should balance and correct the issues eventually.

So yeah, I believe that an political individual must take responsibility for what feels good inside,
With a basic approach, he is allowed to affect the environment, yet only through positive insights

We are pressured, as disrespected by higher forces, all along they indulge their play
Words at forehand mean nothing, we see there promotion with shortsighted views, and vote our country's into decay.

Consider yourself in a role, where your environment shapes you into this product..
I am not talking about the individual in the streets, it is the frighting chosen for, who'll get corrupt.

The higher they climb, the harder they fall.
To avoid you are dragged along, you will have to stand tall..

What are your truthful meanings worth, if the truth raises a public discussion with painful delays
Your political agenda doubted through publicity stunts, opponents fight hard as you get in their way.

Nobody is spared, when money and power plays it's solid part.
Your soul must be sold, to save your political heart..

Rules and regulations, for the public will get there to feel save
Control points, fines, safety measurements cost money, we must collect funds through public misbehave

All those installments and efforts will put democracy into it's grave.
We must admit honestly it's clearly defined, history repeats itself, yet again we will live to be a slave....

Jorn Boor 26-10-11
Johannesburg, SA

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