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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Poetry - ''GOD - Generation Of Declaration'' # Jorn Jakob Albert Boor.

''GOD - Generation Of Declaration'' # Jorn Jakob Albert Boor.

The biblical pages reflect your experience, the lesson for today.
To interpret the facts, the convenience in knowing his mysterious way's
The beginning of life, we demand our right for choice.
Though we lack to respect, one reason behind GOD‘s resounding voice.

Choices after choices, never ending processes and again we pick ourselves up
looking up to seek forgiveness, negligence and responsibilities are adding up.
Intelligence, sincerity, believes in only one truth, the world constrained ideal.
Miss use is prohibited, as it will fire back on you for real.

Creation of your fictive limitations, a choice you‘ll regret at later hand
Christianity is life, not some different views you tried out to understand.
So stop the process of insanity, apply the simple rules and act.
Follow the rules of the Game, for your happiness to become a fact.

Interpretation remains the need to stay open to criticism and dialog.
Result must be the closest to the truth of ancient scriptures log.
Interpret ate historical story’s, merge it in the experience of today.
Clarity is the result, which constructs a choice in the best of possible way.

Listen to the voice vibrating inside you, as for it is real.
Hear and understand vibration inside, enable your spirit to feel & heal.
The temple, the shell GOD provides at birth, a tool the mind will own.
For alignment, peace, infinite respect, so you're sophisticated emotionally grown.

Remember the most important trait towards knowledge, which gives true meaning to life
Each little step, thought and action, Own identity is the reality of GOD
Only you can cut the edges, reflecting lights inside the diamond of eternal Life.

Author: Jorn Jakob Albert Boor (Experiences)
(Ref: Abraham Maslow, pyramid of needs..)
Created: 21-03-2011 (Edited: 24-12-2014)