Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Poem by Jorn Boor '' Friendship to Life ''

Poem by Jorn Boor '' Friendship to Life ''
My friend you leave our friendship, which is only 3 years old
No regrets , South - Africa‘s magic and through you I've unfold.

These years towards recovery, to glue the tears you cried before.
Peaceful inner self accomplishments... you achieved here so much more

Phases passing through relaxation, it walked you further from your past
You grown a healthy life, you created a future to last!

Where the wind blows, faith brought you down to earth to fit.
These lessons learned from you.. Grateful for I was worth it!

A while ago you've changed; I didn’t realize it back then.
Your heart in shadows, I knew you'd go but the question was when?

Once I moved out on you, left home and my guardian behind.
To search the answers to the questions, you had brought onto my mind.

Later, when I needed you most, you opened the door, you were so kind.
One day I'd like to surprise you heartily, because the answers I did find!

Immediate follow up to the wisdom you brought on me was hard, you see...
The wind brought me elsewhere which is the reason, I acted so free.

My destiny in progress, determine to conquer the obstacles in my way.
No fear to fight the boundaries I was challenging life, myself each and every single day.

The beauty by my loved ones, the love, the soil I walk so free.
In silence I do cry, I value those friends who did not agree on me.

I also got lost in the forest of doubt, which can be cruel and dark as hell
The light of guardians gave the direction in me, to ensure my save farewell.

I stepped further towards the light, it guided my Heart into were I go.
I have grown through your waves of friendship it is the wind on which I flow.

Deeply and humbly I address to you, the important part you played in my life.
Your presence and determination complimented my future through an ongoing hive.

We had our fights, discussions, disagreements but I only hear our laughs so loud
I will always carry you in my heart, to have known you makes me really proud
Annoying you, I did it so well, I will certainly never change
Comparing our characters, after all it really isn’t so strange.

I have found similarities with my Father and you, so often and clear.
It is not easy a true and solid objection, not always I wanted it to hear.

I treasure safety and comfort, but my stubbornness obstructs me that's a well known fact.
Anyway my ass will learn solely, the vibrations of my soul will guide me there to act.

Thank you for meeting up with you, gracefully we pulled this friendship through.
I wish you farewell, my gratitude for you will always be true!

'' My friend. You have inspired me, you have helped me were others probably wouldn’t. I know my personality is difficult to handle sometimes. But you saw me through, as only a true friend can, and that in itself, is quality I am grateful for. We were friends. Time and circumstance has strained our friendship but you were clearly important my inspiring supportive friend ''

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