Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Poem by Jorn Boor ''Arrogance explained''

Arrogance is explaining, what?
These two mentioned fast but aligned; the other one is born with that!

They did not like each other at first,
But alcohol ‘’as usual’’ took care of a different kind of thirst.

Like the historical examples mostly shown at schools,
Teasing them first, secretly in love both acting like hopeless fools.

The tension, warm passion, finally turned up the heat
Soon there were weakly in love, ah isn’t that sweet.

The calm, relaxed and reserved male peace of mind.
Appeared to be tough and strong, never left his Barbie doll behind.

Decisions were made, able to perform some personal growth,
Jack Daniels or this walking man in her life… Of course she just picked both.

Building personal future, priority and main focus on their career,
They took the bull by the horns, together showing no fear.

Quality and Team players combined, as they stacked together.
The known obstacles in life.. surely didn’t matter.

Honesty and freedom, given to the one beside,
Making a solid base, ready to go down for the ride

As clear as it was for the close environment,
Next level might even be possible, so it finally went.

Two little reasons, unexpected two copies alike and pure
Conclude their Love internally; the proof is alive and kicking for sure.

New responsibilities, a sudden new purpose in live.
Love stories are true? Than they will stand strong, in the future, being husband and wife.

Already both blessed with proper mindset and inner core,
They now truly found gold by the rainbow, they need nothing more.

A new born family through nice examples, everyone can see.
Disbelievers, who feel lonely, keep it up and watch, for your love even to be.

Both in ICT, it wasn’t a waste.
Shall they name the lovely twins, as.. Copy and Paste?

'' To my good Friends Hanna & Geert, and their beautiful twins, out of sight but not forgotten by heart ''

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