Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Poem by Jorn Boor, '' 2012 - Disposables ''

Poem by Jorn Boor, '' 2012 - Disposables ''

Dear beloved Civilian, Partner, Colleague, Friend, I write to those who're still around.
A moment of silence, your mind at rest, please hear my peaceful sound..

If I present a real solution; which might prepare you for a new begin?
If I wish to prevent disaster? I'm begging please.... do not loose the fight we owe to win!

Individualize your responses, miner actions are asked of you,
Human survival, for ages we ruled, but did we lost insight to what's really cool?

Break an egg, the omelet brings a blessing to you, and one of a kind.
Remove all ‘’Disposables’’ recreate step by step your state of mind.

100% assured of accomplishment, but only your own way will get you in line.
Please acknowledge, accept this poem’s true worth, so your spirit will be fine!

Place your emotions next to these concepts, and link your self to one of each kind
Bless yourself with one gift each day, self realization is what you find...

Dissemblers to Happiness
Assumptions - Rules - Expectations - Insecurity's - Doubts - Rejoices
Self Punishments Comforts - Defenses - Misconceptions - Hopes - Disrespects
Believes Circles - Routines - Pains - Medicines - Habits - Wishes - Demands - Disregards
Mistresses - Laziness - Stubbornness - Sadness - Traumas - Secrets - Discomforts
Shallowness - Hollowness - Pressures - Annoyances - Misinterpretations - Revenges
Insecurities - Regrets - Sorrows Denials - Prejudices - Shames - Offenses - Grudges - Dishonesty
Self-misconceptions - Dis-Integrability - Irresponsibility - Blames - Negativity - Self-deceit - Self pity
Competes - Disturbances - Irreconcilability - Self Dis-Reflections - Dissoluteness - Ungratefulness
''Disposables are created by you.. don't search for true happiness, because that future...it is you!''

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