Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Poem by Jorn Boor '' IT- Colleague Leaving ''

IT colleague leavin.
Dear Ronald , we will certainly miss you a lot hey
You must enjoy the trip, be happy along the way!

The service desk will miss your well known speeches.
''Do you still don't know how it works with the network security breaches ''!!

Heaven for bit, yeah but Ronald ,I never got experienced about it?
Just think logical!, so you don't have to bother me with it!!

Your face told us, we must be the most stupid human beings, on planet earth.
While the rest of you wanted to teach us your big worth!

For 4 years you put in effort and stability, showing the right example.
Your legacy will be heard through Avaya like a well known music sample.;-)

The moment you left, the desk grew up to be self-responsible so much more.
Though you carried the responsibility, you were the main core.

With you leaving, the rest will stand up and practice what you preached.
Your logic is amazing; especially for how many people you have reached.

Nobody can ever replace your work ethics, your intelligence and lack of fears!
Anyway, we will do our best, for the next upcoming years!

I am sick and probably need to cough while speaking out this rime.
But remember, for being a friend through heart this is never lost time!

Jorn Boor
'' For my good friend Ronald Abbring, I never forget! ''

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