Thursday, October 6, 2011

Poetry - 2012 Deeper Consciousness Survival

Dear beloved civilian, partner, colleague, friend those who are still around.
A moment of silence, mind at rest, please hear my peaceful sound.

I present you a solution; prepare the world for a new begin
Request to prevent disaster and loose the fight we owe to win.
Individual response, a miner action is asked of you,
Humans survive because we rule, for we don’t like to be a fool.

Break an egg, the omelet presents a blessing, a reminder and one of a kind!
Remove one of each applicable ‘’dissemblers’’ and recreate peace fully your state of mind.

I am 100% sure of confirmation, the structural truth will get us in line.
If you reach to understand this poem’s true worth. You will all be fine!

Assumption - Rule - Expectation - Fear - Insecurity - Doubt - Punishment - Comfort zone - Disagreement - Defense trigger - Misconception - Hope - Believe - Focus - Drive - Routine - Ownership - Pain - Medicine - Habit - Wish - Property - Demand - Mistress - Laziness - Stubbornness - Sadness - Trauma - Secret - Discomfort - Shallowness - Hollowness - Target - Pressure - Annoyance - Toughness - Misinterpretation

''One constant flow of inner vibrations, reflect to absorb, challenging you with out-there universal streams of musical components, flooding you from birth. While you block yourself you drown. Once you focus on ''self realization'' you will open up. You will live to be consent, peaceful, confident and mentally grounded. Happiness lies there where you choose to be responsible for it..

Jorn Jakob Albert Boor
Johannesburg, SA

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