Sunday, April 10, 2011

Europe, America, Russia, Asia. Africa, Democracy & Freedom

Europe, America, Russia, Asia. Africa,   Democracy  &  Freedom

I am interested in this subject, I come from Holland where in certain areas we claim to be a well organized democracy, a Save and Sound environment, free mindset etc. My own experience made me also understand there is this ''other side of the medal'' 

The organized Society seems to sponsor the following:

* People loose awareness of the instincts, forget to listen to there       Gut feeling.

* Responsibility's we do not fully control ourselves anymore

* People seem to get bored, easy, sloppy, lazy etc, A oiled machine running properly for a long time, people get so used to it, they loose the sharpness to check oil, the warning light for low oil level, when something breaks down, it get more difficult to tell what is the exact issue, because it was running fine all the time ? ;-0

* We get used to this so, that when our gut feeling pops up to tell us hey?! This feels like my freedom is breached there is a more explosive result in the end. more difficult to return the process to a healthy level.

* Less important life and survival lessons are learned by kids and parents within the ''mechanical'' daily life process. 

* When nature instantly brings some balance on our ass we are stunned, shocked, frozen and confused of what is happening instantly.

* Challenges will weaken don slowly so we are not happy in the train ''tjoek, tjoek, tjoek, tjoek.....'' That we ''state'' as our well educated, arranged, understood, free, structural place we ''zombie along'' ;-)

So yeah, I do believe that as an individual we are responsible for what's feels good inside, and with that basic accomplishment, we will probably affect the environment in a positive manner.

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