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Sunday, March 1, 2015

The true prophecy's

Do I have to inform you about the prophecy('s) made on our present ''End of times'' which to read from the Bible?
The book of Isaiah (old testament) will have you informed about our current developments on our global human consciousness, the gathering of the righteous people, the fall of the Jews, the fall of the western world mindset and their greedy nature, the fall of false prophets, lawmakers, kingdoms and everyone who is wicked and blind for the true meaning behind religion. The true values of life, living and worshiping the earthly existence up to the nature, transform and creation power at play, yourself, others and all amazing different will truly shift towards a beautiful world, where compassion, righteousness, wealth, health, love, lack of prejudice, creativity and justice will prevail, with abundance.
All the horrible things happening among you and our fellow human being will be the triggers which will ensure this world will turn inevitably into the world we all dream of, and wish for. Gathering to understand each other between different cultural, racial and generational society's we encounter, mutual respect, quality and value fueled from ever existing moralistic guidelines... so...
Just be your beautiful self and dare to be different!
So to ensure people will have the change to value and respect you, for being you! Jorn Boor

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