Sunday, January 16, 2011

Common SA mindset for Love and relationships?

* If you really want something in life you have to work for it.
   Now quiet!, they're about to announce the lottery numbers.   (Homer Simpson)

Is it a common ten dens to hope for the jackpot according Love and the relationship, knowing to be able to buy a new lottery ticket when you didn't won the jackpot this month? ;-)

Am I allowed to mention: A woman reaches her 20th 30th, hitting a late age for having children, important phase for they are pressured on making the choice to have children now, or it could be to late...

Which I understand.....

Where I am shocked about is the lesson I learned not long ago.

It seems that the choice for a particular Man, the future Father loses importance and value?
I get the very disturbing feeling that we again overrate ourselves, as a intelligent creature of nature
But when it comes down to it...

- Instinct
- Preservation of our species 

The Irony is the amount of people that give birth, already have to many of us, to an extent that we might running for extinction and ruin the planet if we do not stop now.....;-)
Again a interesting contradiction we seem to ignore....

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