Sunday, January 2, 2011

Poem by Jorn Boor ''The meaning of life''

This Poem I write to you, are you troubled by silent questions?
Still aware, that spoken questions deserve answers, followed by actions?

The biggest question we have, deserves the world, the worth, to put it in words?
Again some week answer? And hide away, silently remembering historical hurts?

Did life won the feared battle from us individually, and us all?
In the ‘’flock of sheep’’ we feel save, with courage so small.

Standing alone in silence, self decision making seems rough?
Just make the decision, in the end you will feel tough enough.

Visualizing the wall so high, the border so far, even to scared while imagining!
Imagining building inner trust, strength and pride, that will be never ending!

Where the trigger does should come from, something is needed to start.
Will we be waiting for the bomb, devastation, the power. To awaken our heart?

The world showed his errors by examples, too big or too small.
’too’’ makes a too big responsibility? Again excusing us weakened all?

The mind-set we'll have, excuses from weakness we’ll make.
Not learning to stand strong, only when we are forced in steps to take.

Humans think often, the world is too much to take.
Do we use survival instinct, when that world is at stake?

Look around, collect some details, see the irony through the mist.
Walking by, around real essentials, and leave it as it is….?

We must act different on needed changes, cultures, mind-sets, heading for the cliffs to loose.
The roots of the problem measured, we’ll brainstorm for solutions, from which together we will choose.

Troubleshooting, attitude, believes and core reactors make it happen, you’ll see.
Unlock closed doors? Behind them you walk the red carpet, down the entrance you'll be free!

As stepping out of the box at first, loneliness is part of the challenge.
Need an example? You'll find along the way, visualize the World' s balance.

As you may choose the right, but difficult path.
You‘ll be tested mentally, trust recognizes the value to it, you should be aware of that.

Believing is the keyword; you don’t need a religion for that?
Believing is you, that pure feeling inside! No world war ever started from that.

Can we stand still, could a simple poem stand a difference..?
No! It will be the reader, you! who breaks down his defense.

Important! It is able to trigger what’s already there!
It’s already in everybody’s heart; yes, you will get the credits! That would only be fair.

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